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S Australian gvrnmnt wants a time-zone change

The South Australian government wants to move clocks forward 30 minutes to align with the eastern states, despite many people opposing the change.

The premier, Jay Weatherill, announced the government’s preferred time zone change on Tuesday after considering two reports including one suggesting it could inject an extra $2.5bn into the economy.

The second report revealed 42% of responses to the government’s consultation process wanted SA to keep its current time zone.

A further 41% preferred bringing the state 30 minutes closer to Western Australia, saying it would align businesses more closely with Asian trading partners Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and Malaysia.

Only 15% were in favour of moving in line with Eastern Standard Time (EST), saying it would reduce the perception that SA was “out of touch” with the east coast.

Business SA welcomed a shift to EST, saying it could help rejuvenate a sluggish economy.

“Anything that can assist South Australian businesses to be more competitive and lower the cost of doing business must now be considered and acted upon,” it said.

Weatherill said moving clocks forward would kill the 30-minute time lag on national news and also could make SA more attractive for tourists.

“Minister for investment and trade Martin Hamilton-Smith is going to undertake two more pieces of work before we are in a position to make a proper judgment,” he said.

“We need to look more closely at the potential effects a shift to EST would have on the operations of Adelaide airport and airlines.

“We also need to consider any potential measures we should consider which could minimise the impact of any change to the west coast community, including the option of a local, unofficial time.”

Source: The Guardian


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