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Ghani wants Taliban in Afghan politics

President Ashraf Ghani said in India on Thursday that despite the Taliban and other insurgent groups being anti-government, they still had a right to be part of Afghanistan’s organized political system.

According to him, he is ready to speak to the Taliban and allow them to partake in the politics of the country within the framework of the constitution.

He said he would not use his position to divide and conquer but to instead use it to unify all groups in Afghanistan.

Ghani said that this applied not only to the Taliban but to any other group or person in Afghanistan that has been sidelined due to differences of opinion politically.

“What is the difference between Taliban and foreign terrorist groups? The difference is that foreign terrorists do not have a place in our politics. If they are from another country and are causing instability then we must act against them in accordance with the constitution of Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s constitution has a place for all the citizens of this country. But foreign terrorist groups have challenged us all,” says Ghani.

“Anyone who has a political reason for being against our government must enter the political process. This is not preferred, but rather is compulsory. With the formation of a national unity government we proved that we are determined to pursue broad-based politics and not to deprive a party [of inclusion]” added Ghani.

In addition, Ghani called for investment and said: “Anyone who invests 50 million dollars will be able to have a private discussion with me. Anyone who is willing to put 200 million dollars will get to stay in our ancient palace … And will have direct interaction with all the ministers.”

Meanwhile, a number of analysts have said that the government’s peace strategy must not be in the form of begging.

“Peace and war are two related phenomena, but weakness must not decide the conditions for war and peace. It is better for the government of Afghanistan to have a clear policy and the peace process must continue no matter what,” says Nasrullah Stanekzai a political analyst.

The Taliban has however ignored calls for peace and instead officially launched their spring fighting offensive last Friday – taking their battle to the northern parts of the country.

Source: TOLO News


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