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Dagestan inculcates cultural interests

Dagestan launched the project “As Ancestors Bequeathed”, organized by the Ministry for Youth Affairs to prevent asocial phenomena, in terms of the customs and traditions of Dagestan. The republic activated Internet monitoring on such social networks as Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Facebook and Twitter to prevent extremists from recruiting young people to terrorist organizations.

Dagestani Leader Ramazan Abdulatipov made a speech for students of Moscow universities: “We ranked first in Russia for the index of industrial development. This is official information. What does it mean? That the reserves are enormous. The goal today is to keep the positive dynamic… For me, 2,000 small and medium-sized enterprises are more important than 1 or 2 oligarchs. Dagestan has unique opportunities to develop small and medium-sized business, because Dagestanis have preserved strong families, generic relations, and family businesses should develop, in rural areas, in agricultural production too. To my deep regret, many highland areas have stopped planting and ploughing.”

According to Abdulatipov, Dagestan has many ethnicities that speak 33 languages and 89 dialects. They are all united by Russia as a common homeland and Russian as a common language. He called for development of the national and cultural identity of Dagestan and its distinctiveness.

The State Council of Dagestan will adopt a program on the basics of Russian cultural policy. Abdulatipov, as a member of the working group composing a report for the State Council, said: “The main goal of education and culture is assertion of human dignity, as written in UNESCO documents, and all peoples should become familiar with knowledge and culture, culture as memory, as experience of social existence. Culture is not just art, amateur performances, it is a lifestyle. You do not need to be the head of the republic to work for your Homeland. You can work for your Homeland in any post and even without a post, as was done by great Dagestanis.”

122 Dagestani A-graders and students of Moscow higher education centers received scholarship diplomas named after the Republic of Dagestan. Only 20 people received such scholarships the previous year. “I received a precept on reception of a scholarship of the Republic of Dagestan, which I am very happy about because I strived for it for many years. I am a graduate, and I received an invitation from the republic to get a post in the Republic of Dagestan,” says scholarship holder Sabina Kabizova.

MGIMO student Zalina Aliyeva said that the big event was an opportunity to highlight many students, A-graders who had put a lot of efforts into becoming the pride of the republic. She thanked Abdulatipov and the government for encouraging students to continue studies and achieve success in life.

Source: Vestnik Kavkaza


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