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CIS observers about Moldova’s elections

The mission of observers of the CIS Interparliamentary Assembly said the parliamentary elections held in Moldova on November 30 were free and were held in accordance with the international standards. But the exclusion of an election runner from the race on the last 100 meters disoriented the voters and is a reason for concern. Also, an insufficient number of ballots were sent to Russia for the Moldovans working or living there to exercise their right to vote, IPN reports.

The mission’s coordinator Abdijapar Bekmatov told a news conference that the election campaign was transparent and all the election runners had access to the mass media resources. The elections were held in compliance with the international standards. But the removal of the party “Patria” from the electoral race on the last 100 meters disoriented the voters. The electronic voter registration system failed and didn’t fulfill its major duty – to prevent multiple voting.

Abdijapar Bekmatov noted that a large part of the Moldovans from Russia were unable to cast their ballots owing to the insufficient number of polling places established there.

Mission member Alexei Sergheev, secretary general of the Assembly’s Council, said that 15,000 ballots for the Moldovans from Russia was a too low number. The polling place in Saint Petersburg was closed half an hour earlier because all the available ballots were used up, while at the polling pace in Moscow, the Moldovans who were inside the place weren’t allowed to vote after 9pm, even if the Moldovan legislation allows extending the voting period.

The observers said such innovations as the electronic register of voters are beneficial, but should be implemented very carefully and not immediately all over the country, but only after a trial period.

Source: IPN


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